Take it to the Next Level!!! Chabad as Google Trend (Part 2)

Yeah, it’s that sort of thing. Driving at breakneck speed; pedal to the medal. All that kind craze. The whole Chabad as a Google Trend got me thinking. “Chabad” and “Lubavitch” can’t be the only search terms to measure. How do people in Russia or Thailand search for Chabad? What about Hebrew speakers?

Google Trends is an interesting tool. It won’t give you actual search counts, only “popularity”. They’ve created a metric that is a little confusing to the first-time user. So before we start making absolute statements about Chabad as a Google Trend, it would be essential to link their explanatory post. But enough of that for now.

My earlier post compared “Chabad” and “Lubavitch” as keywords on Google Trends. The results were for the U.S. only (standard practice in sociology of American Jewry). This time I’ve included the five most popular Chabad-type search terms: “חבד” (Hebrew), “Chabad”, “Lubavitch”, “Habad” (alternative spelling) & “Jabad” (Spanish). Check out what we’ve got in the picture below!


Oh, and if you check it out on Google Trends, you will see that the different terms are popular in different regions. For example, “Jabad” ranks highest in Argentina and “Habad” scores in France.


Google.com. “Web Search interest: חבד, chabad, lubavitch, habad, jabad. Worldwide, 2004 – present”. Google Trends. (n.d). Last retrieved July 2, 2013. http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=%D7%97%D7%91%22%D7%93%2C%20%20chabad%2C%20%20lubavitch%2C%20%20Habad%2C%20%20jabad&cmpt=q.


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