Is Chabad Bilingual? Study in Bilingual Patterns in Chabad – Circa 1968 #ChabadSociology #ChabadBilingual

Study in Bilingual Patterns in Chabad – Circa 1968

Following up to an earlier post (“Walking the Walk. Talking the Talk. Linguistic Studies on Chabad“), here’s a link to a study on linguistic patterns in the Chabad community circa 1968!!!

black-guyOnce again, I’m sure some people would not find the nitty-gritty details all that exciting, and who can blame you?

But before you dismiss the all the confusing tables and notes, there is at least one statement in the paper that should be noted.

George Jochnowitz, the fellow doing the research, concludes his study with an rather interesting remark:

“It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the Lubavitcher community will remain bilingual indefinitely.”

What do you think? In your experience, is Chabad bilingual? And to what degree?


Jochnowitz, George. “Bilingualism and dialect mixture among Lubavitcher Hasidic children.” American Speech 43, no. 3 (1968): 182-200.


What do you think? Comment here!

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